Client Dashboard – What does all this information mean?

As a client real time data is important to you. Knowing what all this data means is more important to you than just having the data.

Your Pacific Search Lab dashboard serves 2 major purposes.

First of all your dashboard gives you real time access to the data you are spending hard earned marketing dollars on. How is your investment generating a return on money invested & is my campaign manager doing a good job? Second of all you can us real time data to see how your business practices capitalize on your marketing investment. How can you improve your own procedures to better capitalize on marketing expenditures?

How can I use my real time campaign data?

  • View Real-Time Search & Call Data
  • Monitor Your Investment
  • How is my campaign manager doing?
  • How can I improve my business practices?

Ready to go?

Use the links to navigate to the dashboard of your choice.

Main Dashboard & Reports

Existing clients can view real time data.

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Call Tracking Dashboard

View detailed call tracking data.

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Take a Closer Look

Time Frame

Don’t be constrained with month to month data. You pick the time frame that you want to see the data for. Just click the drop down menu and select anything from “all time” to single day data.

Leads from Calls

First Time Calls are exactly that, the number of first time callers to your pool of call tracking numbers. This filters out any repeat callers that are not additional leads.

AVG Duration is the average duration of each first time call in seconds. Each vertical and business will have a different target call duration. If your business can get the sale closed in 2 minutes then shoot for 120 seconds. In general a longer call duration is a positive.

How You Did: Call duration is a measure of how long you spent engaging potential clients.

How We Did: Call duration is also a measure of caller relevance. We use call duration as an indicator of the level of relevance of each caller. The more relevant each caller is the better job we are doing at campaign management.

Leads By Day

Leads By Day is a bar chart giving you a visual representation of the number of leads or first time callers that you received each day during the time frame selected.

The higher number of first time callers the better. We would all like to have an average number of callers each day. The reality of all search marketing campaigns is a jagged line. Some days will have more & some days will have less than the average number of calls.

How You Did: You did great! Lead volume is largely your campaign managers responsibility. However a well run campaigns average call volume will depend on your budget. Feel free to call your campaign manager to see if increasing your budget is likely to result in more calls.

How We Did: Call volume is one of the first metrics your campaign manager uses to judge campaign performance. Is the average call volume keeping pace with campaign targets? Our goal is to keep the calls coming

Answered Calls

Calls is the number of calls to your call tracking number pool during the time frame selected. This is the raw number of call as this includes first time and repeat callers.

Answered Calls is the number of calls that were answered to your call tracking number pool during the time frame selected.

How You Did: As an advertiser you should try to answer as many calls as possible. You should shoot for the number of answered calls to be equal to the number of calls. Our experience shows that an answered call is many more times likely to convert into a sale.

How We Did: We want our clients to answer as many calls as possible. If we see a large percentage of calls go unanswered we need to look at why. Do we need to schedule search marketing during time frames that make it easier for our clients to answer the calls?

Call Tracking Dashboard

Want to take a closer look at more detailed call tracking data? This is the link for you. Your call tracking dashboard contains detailed data and metrics that will let you take a close look at your call tracking data. When you have questions about the detailed data on your call tracking dashboard feel free to contact your campaign manager.